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Tech Dude Calls the Bay Area "Congested, Racist, Incestuous, and Overpriced"

Scott Lucas | February 20, 2014 | Story Tech World

Tech bros throwing shade on the Bay Area is now such a phenomena that the tech bro in question doesn't even have to live here. That's the only conclusion we can draw from the blog post by Canadian software developer Tim Bray, one of the main developers of XML, that calls the Bay Area, "congested, racist, incestuous, and overpriced."

As Ron Burgundy would say, we're not even mad. That's amazing. How else could you respond to someone who so perfectly encapsulates the strain of tone-deafness that runs through some elements of the high tech community?

In his post, Bray, who is based in Vancouver, explains why he's quitting his job with Google. They told him that to keep his position, he had to move to the Bay Area. He said no. It wasn't that Google drove him away: "They gave me four years of super-interesting work [and] paid me generously," says Bray. Rather, it was that his "heart is in Vancouver." (We've reached out to Bray for comment and will update if we hear from him.)

To which we say: More power to you, bro. Vancouver is a great city. We love Hawksworth's brunch and the Keefer Bar's pickled seahorses. Vancouver is flat-out awesome.

But it's his drive-by takedown of the Bay Area that leaves us scratching our heads. Because if nothing else, he could move here and trade hat tips with Willie Brown. Bray doesn't spend any words unpacking his point of view, so we're left a little befuddled. How could anyone possible call our region congested, racist, incestuous, and overpriced? That's crazy talk. Just crazy talk.

Well, congested, we'll believe. We're hardly the worst city in the world, but sure, nobody likes CalTrain. We'll give you that one.

Overpriced too. This is the land of the $42 half a roast chicken and the $4 toast, after all. Not to mention how hard it is here to maintain a yuppie lifestyle.

But racist? That's pretty harsh. It's not like San Francisco has lost 32% of its black residents in the last two decades. Or that the city is rapidly gentrifying its historically Latino neighborhood. No way are we racist.

And come on. Incestuous? Give us a break. It's not like we write a blog posts every time some random tech dude calls us names. Nice try. You have to do better than that next time.

Oh and by the way, if you ask us, XML is too complex, lacks formal mathematical specification, offers weak support for unordered content, and isn't even 100% self-describing. Also, it's racist.

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