Telegraph Hill Naked Lot to Remain Naked Longer

Scott Lucas | November 6, 2014 | Story Real Estate

In our November issue, we characterized the debate over new construction on a 7,500 square foot vacant lot near Coit Tower valued at over $2.2 million as pitting "well-to-do land-owners aiming to plant condos" against "equally well-to-do neighbors willing to kick, scream, and file endless appeals to stop it from happening." Though we can't confirm the appeals being endless, we can confirm that there are more of them.

A challenge filed to the project, which would put three Modernist condos on the space that, until the 1990s, had been used for a historic rental cottage that housed Spanish Civil War veteran Bill Bailey, will be heard at the Board of Supervisors in two weeks. There are actually two separate appeals of the project—one based on the Planning Commission's go-ahead in September and the other on the environmental impact report.

Socket Site quotes the developers' attorneys as saying, "Given the doomsday conditions advanced by Appellants, one wonders what form of development they would find appropriate for the site." For their part, opponents of the project, including former Supervisor Aaron Peskin, have suggested turning the lot into a public park. The one thing we know for sure? Nothing is going to happen soon.

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