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The 12 Best Moments from Frank Chu's AMA

George McIntire | February 7, 2014 | Lifestyle Story City Life

What’s the deal with Frank Chu? We came a little closer to answering this question today, when the San Francisco icon and (probable) world record holder for most time spent holding a sign answered the internet's burning questions about himself over on reddit.

Questions ranged from the expected (“How long have you been carrying the sign?”) to the outright absurd (“Are you or have you ever been a member of the Communist party?”) We can’t think of anyone else would be a better pick for the first AMA (Ask Me Anything) on r/SanFrancisco. We hope this catches on and we get to see AMAs of other San Francisco luminaries such as the Bushman, Willie Brown, and Emperor Norton’s ghost. Below, we picked out our favorite answers from Chu.

Zer0page: Why do you protest?
Chu: Trying to get paid as a movie star

Cardifan: What do you think about people who stop to take your picture?
Chu: I think it helps it helps out my campaigns. Might also help me get published by some of the news media.

Gkober: Could you tell us more about the movies you starred in? Are you still interested in acting? How much money are you owed? Have you ever met Bill Clinton—and why/how is he involved in this?
Chu: I am identified as a movie star, and I'm still interested in the movie career. Probably the damages might go beyond 3 billions. I never met Bill Clinton, but I told Jimmy Carter that I was a movie star. The UN presidents and their friends with the ESP told me about Bill Clinton with friends at 12 galaxies of populations that are guilty, involved with not paying me as a movie star.

imfeklhr: Frank, I see you everywhere. How do you keep up with what's going on?/decide where to go?
Chu: I receive fliers for special events. My friend checks for me. I met some of the staff at Answer Coalition. I also check the Bay Guardian and the Examiner. Sometimes friends tell me about events. Some regular events I just know about. I also check the calendar of the San Francisco Visitor Center.

Deucer22: Can you list the 12 galaxies?
Chu: The Quintronic Society Quadronic Rocket Society Tetratronic Space Vacations Betatronic Flying Saucers The Alphatronic Rocket Vacations Asteroid Society Android Planets Humanoid Society Humans

Owl Monkey: Hi Frank. You seem to cover a lot of ground. Do you recommend any particular kind of shoes or shoe inserts for someone who is on their feet so much each day?
Chu: I usually go to the Payless Shoe Stores. You can save a little money buying shoes over there.

Allentomdude: Hi Frank, what do you like to do when you're done protesting for the day? Do you have a favorite bar to hangout? Keep up the good work!
Chu: I like to go to the Cheesecake Factory in SF. I also like the Starbucks in Hotel Nikko in Union Square.

mike3k asked: Explain the 12 galaxies?
Chu answered: More advanced highrise buildings. Taller and more highrises. More modern. Richer and more intelligent. And more technologically advanced.

Pdx6: How do you feel about the 12 Galaxies closing?
Chu: Probably the CIA was involved with some discrimination with the 12 Galaxies of populations.

Nedscape: Hi Frank! Some of the words on your posters are not in the dictionary. Where do they come from?
Chu: The UN presidents and their friends with the ESP can help me with choosing syllables that are referring to terminology outdating today's dictionary.

Girlsontherocks: Hi Frank! Where do you have your signs made, or do you do the lettering yourself? What do you do with your old signs? Keep up the good work!
Chu: Signographics at Van Ness and Broadway makes my signs. Sometimes there's an art show for me and I can sell the signs. I met a friend from the Italian publication Nero Magazine and he has an art show for me, I think it is Belgium now, and he had one in China and Russia.

deegeese: Hi, Frank! Have you ever heard of Emperor Norton and if so what's your opinion on him?
Chu: Someone told me that he was very similar to my protests. And I was identified from the last emperor of China's royal family.

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