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The Best Supreme Court Decision Tweets

Jenna Polito | June 26, 2013 | Lifestyle Story City Life

Updated: 10:45 a.m.

[6:00 a.m. PT] - People take to Twitter early to discuss possible outcomes and media coverage
‏@klingerlevi36 - I'm hoping the Supreme Court does the right thing today, and by right I mean left.
@MattVas - The Day of Awful Headlines—> Playbook: “GAY DAY AT SUPREME COURT.” Drudge: “GAY OR NAY?”
@cleyden - It is 40 minutes until the Supreme Court starts to release decisions and SCOTUSblog already has 40,000 readers on its live blog.
@SandraFluke - #SupremeCourt decision mornings are a rough time to live on the West Coast, but wouldn't miss this moment for the world.#MarriageEquality
@buknerd - Taking deep breaths and muttering to myself. My coworkers must be so freaked out right now. #scotus #marriageequality

[7:01 a.m. PT] - Any minute now...
@leslie_bern - Do deadlines not mean anything for #SCOTUS either? IT'S 10:01 AM EASTERN. #DOMA #prop8
@KyahJade - It's 10:01 and my heart is in my butt. #DOMA #Prop8 #COMEONALREADY
@DaveJanec - I can feel twitter frothing in anticipation of SCOTUS #Prop8

[7:08 a.m. PT] - DOMA is a thing of the past
@miSFitVeezy - The Castro bout to go crazy #Prop8
@GordonChaffin - Couple making out live on MSNBC air. I love it. #Prop8. DOMA is dead. DOMA IS DEAD!
@TeaPartyCat - There's been lots of talk about slippery slopes that lead to bestiality, but DOMA or no DOMA, I'm still not marrying you, Rick Santorum.
@MichaelMurphyNY - I'm actually crying at my desk. ‪#DOMA‬ is gone
@pourmecoffee - Heterosexuals, drop what you are doing and go home immediately. YOUR MARRIAGE IS COMPLETELY UNDEFENDED. DOMA unconstitutional.
@sallykohn - Our founding fathers would be proud. And maybe married to each other. ‪#DOMA
@GameOfThrones - #MarriageEquality for all in the realm. #gameofthrones

[7:32 a.m. PT] - SCOTUS' decision on Prop 8 means gay marriage will resume in California
@G_Smoove2014 - I wish my puppy understood politics so I had someone to fangirl with! #Prop8 and #DOMA are done and over with and it's just monumental!
@jasonbentley - Free ticket to a Celine Dion show on the eve of freedom. Coincidence? I think not. #prop8
@SheWired - Haven't cried tears of joy at 7AM since the last time I did a walk of shame back 2 a club and found my car had not been towed. #DOMA
@JamesDMcG - The perfect gif for today's events. #DOMA #Prop8 @AudraEqualityMc @TheTonyAwards
@CharlesMBlow - SCOTUS puts a ring on it... #DOMA #prop8
@RebeccaSchinsky - Husband's not home to celebrate with me, so I kissed the dog. OH MY GOD YOU GUYS THE SLIPPERY SLOPE BEGINS.
@ahuj9 - "I don't like how much this world is changing," said Scalia, "The other day I saw a couch that folded out into a bed."
@serialkarma - I have never been so happy about a bunch of people being able to file taxes. ‏
@owillis - you get a gay marriage. you get a gay marriage. everybody! gets! a! gay! marriage!
@aseitzwald - And California returns to unquestionable status as best state ever in the history of everything
@KamalaHarris - Today marks a great victory for freedom, equality, justice – and love. #MarriageEquality #Prop8
@RebeccaForBART - I just asked ‪@ginger_bites‬ to legally marry me and she said yes! Yay for the end of ‪#Prop8‬ and ‪#DOMA‬!!!

[After 8:00 a.m. PT...] - The significance of the two decisions really starts to sink in…
‎‏@magazine_junkie - joint tax returns!! joint tax returns!!
@robdelaney - .‪@ChickfilA‬ Any specials today?
‎‏@BenariLee - Congrats, U.S. Federal Government. You are now as progressive as the U.S. Army.
@RichmondDistRic- c'mon, Buzzfeed, you slippin. where's the "37 derpiest responses to the DOMA ruling"?
@BarackObama - Retweet if you believe everyone should be able to marry the person they love. ‪#LoveIsLove‬ ‪‬
@CaseyNewton - ‪@CalebGarling‬ “Hundreds trampled in DOMA Brunch riots” — Monday SF Chronicle
@rachelbensen - Who DOESN'T cry at weddings!? RT ‪@GovMikeHuckabee‬ My thoughts on the SCOTUS ruling that determined same sex marriage is okay: "Jesus wept."

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