The Book of Morman

| July 13, 2012 | Lifestyle Story Galleries and Performance Culture

Here, we evaluate your chances of scoring a seat.

GUARANTEED: Shell out for an SHN 2012–13 season subscription ($198 to $568 per person) by the end of July. The five-show lineup also includes the world premiere of Diner, based on the 1982 Barry Levinson movie (music by Sheryl Crow), The Lion King, Anything Goes, and Wicked.

DICEY: Suck up to an SHN subscriber (they have priority when tickets go on sale next month). But be warned: Since Book of Mormon was announced, SHN has added 8,500 subscribers, or 20,000 total (an eight-year high)—and they have friends, too.

DICIER: Use your AmEx (in L.A. and NYC, card holders have gotten a crack at tickets before the general public, but it’s too early to know if that will happen here).

NO CHANCE IN HELL: Forget about orchestra seats on Friday and Saturday night. New subscribers won’t get any closer than the 15th row.

THERE’S ALWAYS NYC: By the time the box office opens, just a fraction of the original 65,000 seats will be available, and they’ll go fast—tickets sold out in five hours in Denver. So head for the Big Apple, where a pair of mezzanine tickets is $310 for the next available show—in January.


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