The Lucas Museum Is the Jar Jar Binks of the Art World

Scott Lucas | December 17, 2013 | Story Real Estate

George Lucas is one wounded wookie this morning, as his long hoped for museum in the Presidio faced another setback. The head of the National Park Service, which oversees the park alongside the Presidio Trust, released a letter blasting the museum and calling for a delay in the entire process. Much like Darth Vader, the letter carries no formal authority. However, it is sure to be interpreted as another sign to Lucas that his project may be better suited for the wretched hive of scum and villainy of Chicago, rather than the Bay Area.

The Grand Moff of the NPS, Frank Dean, which runs the Presidio, said in the letter that the park should "defer any decision for several years to allow the site to develop in a more comprehensive, thoughtful, integrated, and planned manner."

He went on to say he believes "the program of the proposed Lucas Cultural Arts Museum has no genuine or substantive connection to the themes or programs of Crissy Field or the Main Post, or to other Presidio-connected themes that extend far beyond the boundaries of the post." Though the letter makes no mention of the two other proposals for developing the area, it does say that, "only a use that enhances the opportunity to build the thematic and programmatic connections" of the park ought to be approved. He went on to call Lucas "more machine now than man" and "twisted and evil." (Not really.)

As we've previously reported, the Lucas proposal is not without merits. But antipathy to Lucas, as much as to the proposal, may sink the project. As Lucas himself told the New York Times, he has had a bad feeling about this for some time: "They’re having us do as much work as we can, hoping that we will give up. They hate us.”

According to the Chronicle, the Presidio Trust will issue a decision in February at the earliest, with one of those options being to issue no decision at all. But if the Park Service is reading this, here's our plea. Let's blow this thing so we can go home.

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