The Party Tips to Make Your Lunar New Year Decadent While Distanced

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Lasting 15 days, this year’s Lunar New Year is packed with opportunities to celebrate. We sat down with powerhouse events planner, Jung Lee, founder of Fête NY and Jung Lee NY, to discuss the must-have tips for a decadent celebration.

“It’s a fortuitous year in 2021 because Lunar New Year kicks off during Valentine’s Day weekend. There’s more love to go around,” said Lee. “The trend for Lunar New Year will be decadence at home: with far fewer guests, hosts are able to achieve more with less.”

What is most important to keep top of mind for your Lunar New Year party?

Food: Abundance is the word with Lunar New Year, so you’ll want great food and heaping amounts of it. Everything, from the food to the table settings, should feel over-the-top and decadent.

Traditions as Experiences: Time-honored traditions are often passed down from generation to generation. Put a fresh spin on your family’s Lunar New Year traditions and turn into an experience. Throw on your finest gowns and tuxes, many are itching for a reason to swipe on lipstick and amp up the drama.

Decor: Everyday luxury and one-of-a-kind products break up the redundancy of dining at home. Gather your finest china and platters, and focus on presentation.

How are the best ways to incorporate cocktails into your celebration?

“To differentiate the occasion from any other gathering and to again bring something fun to the table, come up with a creative drink. A bespoke cocktail is always a highlight to a celebration. Think outside of the cocktail itself - the glass you serve it in, the name you give it, a unique coaster or beautiful cocktail napkin to serve it on - these details will all elevate your cocktail and be a great way to incorporate it into the larger celebration!”

However you celebrate, one thing is clear:

“It’s about the experience you’ve created as you've put your guests first. You want your loved ones to walk away from your Lunar New Year party feeling content and hopeful about what’s ahead.”

The perfect cocktail for your celebration

Rémy Martin Baijiu Champagne Cocktail

A luxurious cocktail to ring in the New Year, the Rémy Martin Baijiu Champagne Cocktail combines celebratory champagne with the opulent Rémy Martin XO and baijiu, providing the perfect vehicle to enjoy the full aromatic complexity of up to 400 different eaux-de-vie in Rémy Martin XO.



  • 1 oz Rémy Martin XO
  • 1 bar spoon Baijiu
  • 1 Sugar Cube or 5ml (1/6 oz) Simple Syrup
  • Top with Champagne


  • In a champagne flute, soak a sugar cube in baijiu
  • Pour over the cognac and top with champagne

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