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The Real World EXplodes in our Face: Week Eleven

Sean Pyles | March 27, 2014 | Lifestyle Story City Life

A fly-over of the Bay Bridge, neon text and yelling—it's the beginning of week eleven of The Real World.

First off, we get a recap of people being violent. It's great.

Now we're in the show. After brief but startling techno sounds, it's the middle of a late night with the Real World cast. Everyone is drunk from da club and they've returned home to do their thang. Tom, Corey and Jay are rolling around the confessional like drunk boys while Brian, Jenny's ex, sits alone in the hot tub and looks sad.

Before too long it's the next morning and everyone is talking about how disgusting the kitchen is. There are garbage bags and plates piled up and this is maybe the most real, human thing that we've seen on the show thus far.

Meanwhile, Arielle's future as a horror director becomes a legit compelling plot point. She is starting a new movie and is doing a casting call. This sets the scene for Jenny to bite on Corey's belt and for Brian to look on angrily as he eats a Subway sandwich.

Continuing the trend of the cast members being real people outside of their heavy drinking habits, Jenny gets a job as a go-go dancer to pay some bills. She's legit broke and needs this cash because the girl needs to keep her phone on. Brian doesn't like this because his mom was a dancer and he thinks dancing for money devalues her. The next scene is him standing in tight, cop-themed boxer-briefs in preparation for Folsom Street Fair. Contradiction much?

After an all-too brief montage of whippings and shaking butts, it's Jenny's first night as a go go dancer. She powers up with a Subway sandwich that she eats while walking down the street, which becomes a big topic of conversation among her fellow dancers. "Wow, you really pulled that out of nowhere," one says. "I need my sandwich, yo," Jenny says.

Jenny does a pretty rockin job as a go go dancer. She's covered in blue flashing lights and looks like a dancer from a music video and it's awesome. Alas, the crew is only at the club for a brief while.

The next scene is everyone back at home making food and looking surprisingly put together. Brian is yelling at Jenny while she makes a sandwich. She doesn't really respond and keeps spreading something on bread. Tom, passing by with a book in hand, asks Brian to stop yelling at her since she's not engaging and it's really just a degrading monologue that Brian is spewing. Jay, cooking mac and cheese on the stove nearby, then chimes in to agree with Tom that Brian should respect Jenny and talk to—not scream at—Jenny. Dubby sounds drop in and it's getting heated. There is a brief argument that lasts about twenty seconds and it's over with a shot of Jenny looking super bored.

The next day Jenny learns that they're all going to ~Napa Valley~ She goes around and takes on a soft, airline stewardess voice and announces that they are all going to ~Napa Valley~ "Yes, my dear, we're going to Napa Valley."

"This shit is good," Corey concludes after a wine tasting. Tom keep dropping f-bombs because he's wasted and he doesn't think it's a problem. "Why would you accept me cussing in a club, but you wouldn't at a winery? It's bias-ness," Tom says. The owners and managers are watching the crew eating a really nice meal and Tom keeps calling the flies around them bitches.

It's the next day.

"Today is a very big day," Arielle announces. She's making b-movie of her dreams~! She seems really happy and it's actually really sweet. Arielle has been working to make movies and she has actually done it.

There is real progression and character development here in a way that we haven't seen from anyone else on the show. Alas, it is a brief moment of clarity.

The crew went to the club had a fairly regular time and is on their way back to the house when a fight starts between Brian and Corey. "I'm sick of holding my tongue, bro." It looks like the bromance that developed last week is long gone. "I'm gonna tell you how the facts really are." The dubstep is back. "I'm done, bro, I'm done." Corey is laughing to cover up the tears. "Shut that shit up." Corey keeps going. "I'm a strong ass man," Brian retaliates.

We see Corey dive into the back seat of the car and he's about to lose it on Brian--but wait--"TO BE CONTINUED..." We get a preview of the ultimate gorilla-man vs gorilla-man show down to come. Next week is the final episode and they producers have done a good job at structuring the fight between the guys to reach a climax right at the end. We get a few shots of violence between the boys and that's it. It's over. One week left for these myriad, nuanced plot points to be resolved. How will they do it??? That's all we have for now. Until next time, keep it ~rEaL~

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