The Show Must Go On Featuring Mister E and TUMI Fragrance

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The Duality of The Journey: Part 2


Globally, we have evolved into a new normal; where each day is an adventure, a journey. Today’s gentleman is managing a busier-than-ever schedule and navigating the fusion of his professional, personal, and social lifestyles. For this modern man, there are two sides to this journey, to his every day.

The journey can sometimes be driven by one’s best moments of creativity. For American artist Mister E, business happens during daytime hours, however he is most inspired to create in his studio after the sun goes down. Best known for massive and colorful interpretations of US currency and a celebrity clientele including Adam Sandler, Miley Cyrus, and Floyd Mayweather among others, Mister E awakens to the words of wisdom from career mentor Dicky Fox of Jerry Maguire fame. He quotes “I love getting up in the morning. I clap my hands and say, This is going to be a great day!” Then, Mister E makes his bed. His philosophy? “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.”


Capturing the duality of Mister E’s daily journey, AWAKEN [08:00 GMT] TUMI and UNWIND [20:00 GMT] TUMI are like “Bruce Wayne and Batman;” from billionaire industrialist to superhero, complementing each other for the two sides of his day. As for his outlook on the world today, Mister E is embracing the phrase, “The Show Must Go On,” creating a whole new series of paintings around the concept. But no matter the hour, cultural climate, or his transition from day to night—work is at the heart of this man’s journey. “My work is my life, my work is my play, and I love my work.”

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Photography by: Photography courtesy of Mister E.