The top 10 things to eat in the Mission

Sara Deseran | August 22, 2012 | Food & Drink Story Restaurants Ingredient Eat and Drink

1. Pretzel at St. Vincent
Soft and doughy, warm and salty—delicious.

2. Fish curry at Gajalee
Made with coconut milk and plenty of spice. Order the spongy kal appam bread for sopping.

3. Chocolate babka at Wise Sons
Everyone talks pastrami here, but this babka is another kind of art.

4. Gnocchi with Bolognese at Mozzeria
If you’re looking for a hearty, meaty carbo-load, this is it.

5. Spicy Italian sausage from Pig & Pie
Topped with guanciale-braised greens (for health).

6. Shiitake dumplings at Namu Gaji
Finally, something to make up for the Mission’s lack of Asian-food comforts.

7. Carrots at Local’s Corner
Roasted baby carrots with a swipe of yogurt and dill. Basic but brilliant.

8. Cube cakes at Craftsman & Wolves
Four-star cake craftsmanship. Get the one with chocolate, caramel, and Vietnamese cinnamon with crunchy little bits at the bottom.

9. Mac ‘n’ cheese at West of Pecos
A fine version of this classic dish topped with fire-roasted green chilies.

10. Cinnamon crunchy toast with vanilla ice cream at Mission Bowling Club
Because after a heart-pumping bowling workout, you deserve it.


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