The Top Ten San Francisco Magazine Stories of 2013

Scott Lucas | December 23, 2013 | Lifestyle Story City Life

What a long, strange trip 2013 has been. The tech-fueled gentrification of the city lead to major (and still growing) political backlash, while the national media seemed to discover what we had been noticing for years. Woody Allen turned his lens to our fair town in Blue Jasmine–one of his best films in recent memory—even if the "locals" spoke with fat Bronx accents. The Pride Parade nearly tore itself apart after leaker Chelsea Manning was named honorary Grand Marshall. The 8 Washington luxury condo project was rejected at the ballot box. Larry Ellison's team came back to win the America's Cup, despite controversy over the funding—and the team's cheating. The Giants imploded after a legendary 2012 World Series win—but the 49ers looked to be headed to the playoffs, even without former quarterback Alex Smith.

And with all those events happening, it was natural that some pretty great stories came out of it. Here, in order of pageviews, are the ten most popular articles of 2013 for San Francisco magazine.

1. Arise, Tenderloin by Gary Kamiya

2. A Jail Visit with the Alleged Dread Priate Roberts by Lauren Smiley

3. Mad Max by Chris Roberts

4. Sympathy for the Landlord by Lauren Smiley

5. A Girl, Her Pimp, and Her Parents by Lauren Smiley

6. Who's That (Marina) Girl? by Jenna Scatena

7. New York Through a San Franciscan's Eyes by Caleb Pershan and Scott Lucas

8. The Care and Feeding of the Tech Boom by Farhad Manjoo

9. The Great Noodle Quest by Jonathan Kauffman

10. Workspace Arms Race by Lauren Murrow

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