Top 10 earthquake tweets from San Franciscans

Angela De Claro | March 5, 2012 | Lifestyle Story City Life

San Franciscans got an early wake-up call this morning—a 4.0 (originally estimated at 4.3) earthquake around 5:30 a.m. Rather than running for cover, we found, many of you did what only seemed logical—stayed in bed and tweeted. Here, our list of this morning’s top 10 Tweets:

1. “I was dreaming that I was in [sic] set with Madonna, then followed a dream about the world ending and right at that moment the 4.0 struck.”—William David Walsh, @wdwphoto

2. “Looks like a little Shake and Bake for my SF friends! #SFQuake”—Joe Jonston, @mrhl

“Just in case anyone gets any ideas: It’s the Santorums Gingriches Romneys & Limbaughs of the world who are on shaky ground #earthquake #sf”—John Bare, @JBinSFO

“What if there was a 9.0 earthquake in SF next week and a huge chunk of the industry fell into the ocean? Would Disney make a movie about it?”—Ryan Duffin, @AnimationMerc

“Saved By The Bell misguided me in my youth – you don’t go to a door frame during #earthquake, you take cover under a table”—Lauren Smith, @17thandIrving

6. “WHEN THE ROOM SHAKES YOUR SLEEP LIKE A THOUSAND POUND SHEEP..THAT’S..A FRISCO! #sf #quake #DontCallItFrisco”— Cara Tramontano, @theCara

7. “My room is a huge mess…I’ll blame the #earthquake. #SF”—Vanessa Unger, @VLU7

8. “@ChicanoSD only a 4.3 prolly wont go That far…Woke my ass up tho! Shake rattle and roll baby”
Edgar, @ChicanoSD replies: “@itsBOOMhomie Damn that’s up there, Mother nature is the Baby Mama of every1 on this mundo. Tomorrow never promised.”—@itsBOOMhomie

9. “BREAKING: 4.0 earthquake hits SF Bay. Efforts to complete dragon capture & return to earth’s core b4 rush hour #eastcoastwillbelieveanything”—Jesse Smith, @eastbayradical

10. “Had hyper-realistic nightmare I was dying in an earthquake. Awoken by actual 4.3 earthquake. I’M UP.”—Aviva Yael, @Veevers

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