The 20 Top-Selling NFT Artists to Collect Right Now

Maria Gracia Santillana | April 1, 2021 | Culture Art

The Bitcoin Angel by Ttrevorjonesart

Detail from "The Bitcoin Angel" by Trevorjonesart

Hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen, NFTs are the hottest art commodity in town.

NFTs, non-fungible tokens, are blockchain-minted artworks with unique encryption codes which allow for verified authenticity and ownership. An NFT can be anything from a digital art piece to a song or whole album. Even fashion designer are getting in on the NFT craze.

From 18-year-old Fewocious, to 87-year-old José Delbo, artists of all ages and from all over the world are taking over the crypto art world. More than 509,000 NFT artworks were sold in March 2021 alone, totaling more than $85 million in sales. It's kind of a big deal.

Interested in investing in some NFT art, but don't know where to start? keeps a handy running list, ranking artists by total value sold. The data is pulled from a variety of digital galleries, including Nifty Gateway, SuperRare, Foundation, MakersPlace, KnownOrigin and Async Art. While the data is constantly changing, we compiled a list of the current 20 top-selling NFT artists for your convenience.

*Disclaimer: This list is quite volatile as Total Artwork Value is calculated by the current conversion between USD and ETH. The re-selling of artists' works can also impact their place on the list, and new releases everyday also impact the top-grossing NFT artists. Check out CryptoArt for the most up-to-date standings.

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Una publicación compartida por beeple (@beeple_crap)

Total Artwork Value: $113,100,017.88 / Website

Mike Winkelmann, who goes by artist name Beeple, tops the best-selling NFT artist list after an historic auction with Christie's auction house. Selling for $69,346,250.00, the piece titled "Everydays: The First 5000 Days," was largely responsible for the mainstream media's coverage on NFT sales. This also marked the first time an established auction house sold crypto art and accepted cryptocurrency as payment.

With 845 pieces sold, Beeple's pieces average $133,849.86 each. He also posts daily digital creations on his Instagram, where his "Everydays" series continues. His pieces are highly realistic yet absurd, depicting everything from digital shapes and scenery to grotesque political illustrations.


Total Artwork Value: $18,083,354.42 / Website

Canada-born, Scotland-based artist Trevor Jones is "absolutely fascinated" with the art and tech connection. The visual artist started working on canvas before transitioning to QR codes and augmented reality. After buying his first Bitcoin in 2017, Jones became inspired with the power of cryptotechnology and its intersection with art. Having sold a total of 5,284 artworks averaging $3,409.65 each, Jones has collaborated with some of the biggest names in NFT.

His highest selling piece, "Genesis," was a collaboration with Argentine comic book designer José Delbo, painting and animating Delbo's drawing of Batman. "The Bitcoin Angel" is his highest-selling solo piece. The oil on canvas painting depicts two marble statues in front of a gold Bitcoin, and sold for $188,888.00.

Jones is currently working on a six-month project of large-scale paintings and NFTs scheduled to drop in August and September, and is thus not producing anything in the moment. His previous collection "Bitcoin Angel" is available on the secondary market.


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Una publicación compartida por FEWOCiOUS (@fewocious)

Total Artwork Value: $18,037,594.08 / Website

Teen artist Fewocious is leading an NFT Rennaissance. The 18-year-old is a pop surrealist digital artist who has taken the NFT and crypto world by storm. With more than 50,000 followers across Instagram and Twitter, the young artist has sold a total of 3,103 NFT pieces, averaging $5,812.16 each.

His highest-recorded sale, a piece titled "The Everlasting Beautiful," depicts the face of a woman with a hand on her cheek. Each feature is designed differently, wit both pops of colors and monochromatic segments. The background, filled with beauty and love-related statements, mirrors a 20-second video which, at one point, says to the viewer "just tell me I'm pretty." The woman's eyes scintillate as her mouth moves. The piece comes along with a 30x30 inch canvas, oil paint and gloss varnish. Currently, Fewocious is working on a clothing drop and a "few other things." Check out our full feature on Fewocious here.


Total Artwork Value: $16,023,212.5 / Website

The anonymous Pak is one of the NFT space's biggest mysteries. Whether an individual or collective, Pak has produced digital work for two decades. With 1,691 artworks sold, averaging $9,354.99 each, the artist is recognized by some of the biggest tech names in the world, most notably Elon Musk. Pak's work largely features monochromatic designs with geometric shapes. "Metarift," Pak's highest-selling artwork at $900,072.96, depicts a six-sphere structure surrounded by what looks to be a four-ridged band. Throughout the 12-second video, the two structures turn opposite to each other, with a metallic tint showcasing the materials' different undertones. In April, Pak will partner with major auction house Sotheby's for a global NFT auction.


Total Artwork Value: $14,344,607.33 / Website

The Canadian-born artist who goes by the name Mad Dog Jones is dynamic, adoptive and surreal. Combining music and art, Mad Dog Jones has sold 1,567 NFT artworks, averaging $9,063.52 a piece.

Jones' highest selling piece, "Boardwalk," is a 43-second video of a drawn scene in some metropolis. A cab is parked in an alley, building towering overhead, and small raindrops fall onto the scene. The raindrops fall in rhythm with an accompanying beat. The piece sold for $388,888.00 on February 21, 2021.


Total Artwork Value: $11,624,226.24 / Website

Mike Parisella, who goes by his artist name SlimeSunday, is a digital collage artist based out of Boston, MA. Constantly pushing the boundaries of what is accepted in mainstream media, SlimeSunday's exploration of bizarre and erotic topics has earned him more than 500,000 followers on Instagram. To date, he's sold a total of 6,508 NFT artworks.

Averaging $1,784.64 a piece, SlimeSunday has also made a name for himself alongside electronic music producer and NFT artist 3lau, creating the ssx3lau duo. His highest-selling piece is "Gunky's Uprising," a collaboration with 3lau for which he provided visuals. Although the world mainly sees his digital two-dimensional designs, SlimeSunday's animation skills shine via the ssx3lau collaborations. SlimeSunday's highest-selling solo piece, "The Process," shows his digital collage-making process, accompanied by music from 3lau.


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Una publicación compartida por S + N (@hackatao)

Total Artwork Value: $11,113,676.85 / Website

OG cryptoartists Hackatao make the top-selling chart with a total of 1,504 artworks sold at an average of $7,310.61 a piece. Named "hack" after the pleasure of going under the skin and discovering what's inside, and "Tao," for Ying and Yang, Hackatao explores issues of society, environment, humanity and crypto.

The Italian duo's highest-selling piece, "Kim Jong Un - 'Dead and Alive' Edition" is an animation of North Korea's infamous leader, moving between flesh and skeleton. The piece was sold for $276,136.88. Described as "Like Schrödinger's cat, until we open the dictatorship box he's both alive and dead," the artists play with state of being and color in signature Hackatao fashion.

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Total Artwork Value: $10,133,787.62 / Website

London-based digital artist and crypto enthusiast Xcopy has sold 1,907 NFT artworks. Exploring the themes of death, dystopia and apathy, XCopy's artworks feature distorted visual loops and flashing imagery warnings, as his work almost always features some sort of flashing light pattern.

Averaging $5,240.90 per piece, XCopy's highest recorded sale was for "Death Dip" at $1,812,660.00. The piece features a black screen with a white skull and rapidly shifts through different angles. Surrounding blue and green squares quickly change position, giving the illusion of a full-body skeleton moving in circles across the screen.


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Una publicación compartida por ▽ (@3lau)

Total Artwork Value: $9,161,894.41 / Website

DJ and fintech aficionado Justin Blau, who goes by 3LAU, has been releasing electronic music since 2011, appearing at EDC Vegas, Electric Zoo, Lollapalooza and more. 3lAU was also an early believer in crypto and blockchain, and is now one of the leading names in the NFT movement. Having sold 6,090 artworks to date, averaging $1,505.54 each, 3LAU has begun releasing his music as NFTs almost exclusively.

His highest selling piece, "Gunky's Uprising," was a collaboration with artistic director SlimeSunday and sold for $1,333,333.33. A 3-minute song is accompanied by SlimeSunday's visuals, and was sold under their joint name – SSX3LAU. 3LAU also launched the first blockchain-powered music festival in 2018.


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Total Artwork Value: $8,923,250.78

Canadian singer Grimes was a critically-acclaimed alt-pop star long before entering the NFT space. With 1,122 artworks sold averaging $7,983.33 each, Grimes' fanbase transferred to the NFT space rather quickly.

Her highest-grossing NFT, "Death of the Old," was sold for $388,938.00. Pink and white cupids fly above what seems to be a castle in ruins. In the background, a sword stuck in the mountains holds the center of the screen as we rotate through the image. Synth-pop demo "Anhedonia" plays throughout the video as Grimes' cupids fly closer to the viewer.


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Una publicación compartida por WhIsBe (@whisbe)

Total Artwork Value: $8,433,625.45 / Website

The anonymous street and fine artist WhIsBe turned his iconic Vandal Gummy Bear series into NFTs. The beloved sugary snacks are juxtaposed with a prison mugshot background. While WhIsBe's physical installations predominantly feature a red gummy bear, his NFTs play with the color and texture of both the bear and the mugshot background. WhIsBe has sold 1,650 NFTs averaging $4,507.38 per sale.

The artist's moniker, a shorthand for "What is Beauty," encourages viewers to think about their own critiques on problematic institutions. His highest grossing piece, "Exhibit," sold for $250,000.00. The 30-second video features the apparent skeleton of a gummy bear, still holding the prison mugshot plaque while roped-off in what is eerily reminiscent of an exhibit at a natural history museum.


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Total Artwork Value: $8,191,686.80 / Website

DJ and art director duo SSX3LAU hits the top-selling NFT charts as its own independent creator. The long-time partnership between 3LAU and SlimeSunday has yielded 5,740 artworks, averaging $1,428.48 each. The duo's highest-grossing piece, "Gunky's Uprising," is part of their latest "Iridescent" drop. It sold for $1,333,333.33.

The three-minute video starts with black and white images of a seemingly mountainous landscape. As the beat drops, pops of neon color take over the screen in every color of the rainbow, contrasting with the black background. The mirrored landscape transforms into geometric shapes, placing the mountains into triangles, circles and squares before a neon hand takes over the page.


Total Artwork Value: $8,042,605.61 / Website

Most famous for his work on Wonder Woman, Captain Planet and Little Lulu, Argentinian artist José Delbo released his first NFT in July 2020. The 43-page, original comic book "Death" sold for $642.14. He's since sold 2,781 artworks averaging $2,884.53 each.

"Genesis," Delbo's highest-grossing NFT at $553,169.65, is a collaboration with TrevorJones, Delbo drew Batman, and Jones painted and animated the piece. Showing the art's evolution, from pencil sketch to oil on canvas, Batman emerges, looking directly at the viewer. Before he says anything, the piece is painted over in white, and it starts all over again.


Total Artwork Value: $5,689,100.45 / Website

Created as an undefined collective, RTFKT Studios has become a leading creator of sneakers and digital artifacts. Sneakers, the studio's main focus, are digital Skins that can be worn by digital characters in the metaverse.

The studios's highest selling NFT, a collaboration with Fewocious called "Fewo Charm," provides the wearer with "deep creative powers and otherworldly luck." It sold for $88,888.88. With 916 NFTs sold averaging $6,215.79 each, RTFKT's pieces range from metajackets and cybersneakers to denim and even a "Super Toilet."

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Una publicación compartida por Bosslogic (@bosslogic)

Total Artwork Value: $5,022,817.04 / Website

Kode Adobo, also known as Bosslogic, is a graphic designer and digital concept artists based in Australia. Known for creative fan art mashups and mixes, Bosslogic has sold a total of 1,148 NFTs averaging $4,087.08 each. The artist's highest selling piece, "The Arrival," unlocks an ultra-rare Mesut Özil Next Chapter Golden Kit bodysuit, a Genies Wearable used for the buyer's own Genie. The concept is similar to that of crypto art, where users can buy pieces for their Genies to wear in the metaverse.

His latest drop includes a collaboration with Francis Ngannou, the Cameroonian-French mixed-martial artist, released on the same day as a UFC 260 match. The piece hopes to bring the worlds of martial arts and NFTs together.


Total Artwork Value: $4,643,181.90 / Website

Based in Hamburg, Germany, Antoni Tudisco is an art director and 3D illustrator. Having worked alongside Nike, Puma, Versace, Apple, and other brands, the artist has now entered the NFT space. With 1,229 sales averaging $3,783.70, Tudisco's pieces often feature elements of fashion design.

A frequent collaborator with Steve Aoki, Tudisco's highest selling NFT is a collaboration titled "hairy." Creating the visuals to accompany Aoki's audio, the $888,888.88 NFT was bought by former T-Mobile CEO John Legere. Tudisco recently unveiled his own fashion brand called Tudisco Studio, launching with a signature cap.


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Una publicación compartida por Steve Aoki (@steveaoki)

Total Artwork Value: $4,481,822.19 / Website

American DJ/producer Steve Aoki started his NFT journey with "Dream Catcher," in collaboration with Antoni Tudisco. Having sold 1,216 NFTs averaging $3,695.52 each, Aoki's collaborations are filled with bright colors and electrobeats.

Aoki's highest selling NFT "hairy" is a 36-second video of a purple, pink and blue hairy face shaking to electronic sounds. Sold for $888,888.88 to former T-Mobile CEO John Legere, the piece comes with a screen in some acrylic for physically display.


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Una publicación compartida por deadmau5 (@deadmau5)

Total Artwork Value: $4,314,653.48 / Website

Famed Canadian DJ/producer deadmau5 has sold 752 pieces, averaging one of the highest of the list at $5,605.18. His signature mau5head is at the heart of each NFT, accompanied by his own tracks. His highest recorded sale was $138,647.34 for "In Titan's Light," an audiovisual collaboration between deadmau5 and Sutu. Inspired by Deadmau5's track "SATRN," the piece takes place at a space station on the Titan moon.


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Una publicación compartida por GREG MIKE (@gregmike)

Total Artwork Value: $4,301,198.68 | Website

Surrealist pop art artist and muralist Greg Mike entered the NFT space in February of 2021, selling blockchain-minted copies of never-before seen content. With 2,221 total pieces sold, the Atlanta-based artist's signature "vintage cartoons" seeks to decorate your physical and virtual walls. His highest recorded sale, "Mad Cans Master Set (50 Cans)," sold for $80,000.00, a hefty increase from his average $1,976.68 per NFT.


Total Artwork Value: $3,645,017.98 / Instagram

This Major League Baseball player-turned-artist entered the NFT space with Aku: The Moon God, a series of sculptures and digital art depicting a young black boy wearing an austronaut's hat. With 1,534 total sales, Johnson quickly became one of the field's most recognizable names. While his pieces average $2,376.15, his highest recorded sale was $400,762.50.

Unlike most of his NFT counterparts, all of Johnson's NFTs come with a physical sculpture. His highest recorded sale, "The Vault," features a sculpture of Aku. Locked in a physical vault at the Art Angels gallery in Miami, the NFT owner has exclusive access to the temperature-controlled vault, and can resell visiting rights at any time.

USD prices are based on the current ETH (the cryptocurrency Ethereum), not at the historical price at time of sale. For more updates on the top-selling NFT artists, check out CryptoArt.

Photography by: TrevorJonesArt