Vinod Khosla Loses Again

Scott Lucas | October 1, 2014 | Story Politics

Vinod Khosla is falling apart so spectacularly that you'd almost think he was an A's infielder. Last week, a San Mateo judge ruled against the co-founder of Sun Microsystems, forcing Kholsa to re-open public access to Martins Beach, a popular surfing location near Half Moon Bay. (You can read the background of the story here.) But now there's more.

Today, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that could force Khosla to sell the access road to Martin Beach. In a way, it's a chance for Khosla to embrace the transient nature of material existence and lighten up on his attempts to take mother nature hostage as private property. "You can't own the sunshine or the bird's song," we imagine Brown saying. "And you can't own public access to the state's coastline."

In another, more accurate way, the bill, authored by State Senator Jerry Hill of San Mateo, authorizes the State Lands Commission to negotiate with Khosla over purchasing the access road. The law comes with a big stick—if Khosla doesn't cut a deal with the state, the commission is authorized to invoke eminent domain. Hill told the San Jose Mercury News that the Governor's signature was as "affirmation of the public's right to their beaches and the idea that no one is above the law and no one can buy a beach."

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