Weekender: The Epic Picnic

Jenna Scatena | August 9, 2012 | Story Travel Weekend Escapes

This is arguably the best weekend of the year to picnic in SF: With just about everyone and their mother going to Outside Lands, there’s bound to be less people occupying SF’s prime picnic real estate (sans Golden Gate Park, obviously). And with the weather climbing into the 70s, it’s also the ideal climate. But don’t get caught off guard—picnicking can be a deceptively tricky task here. Rogue fog waves, dewy grass turning your blanket into a sponge, and lugging bottles of wine while you hunt for a spot are surefire ways to kill the mood. Here are some helpful tools to ensure you have the best picnic day ever.

Outsmart the weather
We all learned this lesson our first summer living in SF: It might be 74 when you leave your apartment in Nob Hill, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be the same at Crissy Field. Use SF Climates, a free app that shows you real-time weather—including cloud cover and temperature in 17 different neighborhoods—to find the sunniest and warmest park.

Nix the wet blanket
Don’t underestimate the importance of your picnic blanket: it protects you from rocks, dampness, glass, and mysterious substances. Luckily SF’s Merriment Hardware makes an ideal sturdy selvedge denim one—complete with a pocket to store your keys and phone while you relax.

Have the wine come to you
Gone are the days of lugging an armful of wine on and off MUNI on your way to Dolores. Rewinery, another free app, brings the wine to you in under an hour via bike messenger. Or, request a delivery time beforehand, so you won’t have to wait. Get two for 30 dollars.

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