Who Hazes Their Rookies Better: The Warriors, Giants, or Raiders?

Jeremy Dorn | April 12, 2013 | Lifestyle Story City Life

On Wednesday, Warriors all-star forward David Lee posted the above pictures on his Instagram account. In one of the better rookie-hazing pranks you'll see, the team's veterans filled first-year player Kent Bazemore's car full—and we mean completely full—of popcorn. Poor Bazemore is already the last guy off the bench, but now he's sure to spend the next several weeks trying to get butter-flavored stains off his car. At least he can take solace in the fact that the rest of the guys clearly like him. Why else would they make sure their prank involved a delicious pre-game snack?

Of course, this isn't the first time a Bay Area team has stolen the rookie hazing show. Check out four other favorites from the past few years:

1. The Giants Go Richard Simmons (2012)

Last year's rookie class for the Giants really got squeezed. As you can see in this video (some parts NSFW; fun starts at 0:45), youngsters like Brandon Belt, Brett Pill and George Kontos were forced into spandex suits of all colors and styles in front of the media in their team clubhouse. Pill, rocking the zebra print contraption, got the bulk of the airtime as he needed help from teammates to fit his 6'4", 225-lb frame into his outfit. These guys hardly have room to complain—or to move—as the hazing clearly helped catapult the team to its second world title in three seasons.

2. The Raiders Get Raunchy (2012)

If the Raiders aren't going to be winning football games, at least they will look classy in defeat. This all depends on your definition of "classy," of course. Let's just say that the Raiders rookies were better suited with helmets always firmly attached to their heads last preseason, lest the fans see ex-QB Carson Palmer's handiwork with the shears. Some of the freshly-drafted players got closely crafted phallic shapes on their skulls, while others just got the lawnmower treatment. Check out a gallery here.

3. The A's Pretend It's Halloween (2011)

Even though last year's huge rookie class (17 on the roster) had fun with their green and gold wrestling leotards, it was a letdown compared to the rookie punishment in 2011. That season, A's beat writer Susan Slusser captured a picture of reliever Fautino De Los Santos as a bashful bumblebee, along with a smorgasbord of comic book heroes (Wolverine and Sonic the Hedgehog were both present and accounted for). But infielder Eric Sogard may take the cake, dressed in a ridiculous head-to-toe sock monkey outfit to the delight of his teammates.

4. The Warriors Terrorize Bazemore—Again (2012)

Not only was Kent Bazemore the unfortunate recipient of the popcorn prank this week, but the veterans let him have it as part of the preseason rookie haze as well. Watch each member of the Warriors 2012-2013 rookie class perform a short karaoke solo in front of a large crowd of fans, and then get in on a Gangnam Style dance together. With apologies to Draymond Green (who actually demonstrated some vocal skill), this group might be the most tone-deaf collection since Nickelback.

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