Wicked vs. Wild

Nan Wiener | January 22, 2013 | Story Galleries and Performance

The story:

Wicked: A twisty yet conventional (and highly kid-friendly) tale about seeing past our differences to our common humanity—even if you’re green.

The Wild Bride: A dark and unruly nightmare about the mischief the devil can cause when he comes among us (and when your father accidentally sells you to him for his bride).

The music:

Wicked: A few hummable melodies by Stephen Schwartz... and some not-so-hummable ones.

The Wild Bride: Rough-hewn ensemble tunes steeped in Delta blues.

The ante:

Wicked: $140 for an orchestra seat on a Saturday night.

The Wild Bride: $55 to $89 for the same.

After the curtain calls:

Wicked: You’ll clap happily and go home.

The Wild Bride: You’ll hang around and dance with the actors in the pop-up Devil’s Speakeasy in the lobby.

The opportunity:

Wicked: A classic that promises to be around forever.

The Wild Bride: A quirky piece that you’re unlikely to see on these shores again.

Wicked runs from January 23 through February 17 at the Orpheum (1192 Market Street, San Francisco). Find tickets here.

The Wild Bride runs January 26 through February 17 at the Roda Theater (2025 Addison Street, Berkeley). Find tickets here.

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