Women in Wellness: Noora Mousa, RDN on Combining Science with Technology through TruLyfe Supplements

By Allison Pacatte By Allison Pacatte | August 6, 2021 | Lifestyle, Style & Beauty, Sponsored Post,

When Noora Mousa sat down in her first nutritional science class, she thought she would only leave with better knowledge on how to improve her health and eating habits. Little did she know that she would fall in love with health and wellness, become a registered dietitian, and build her own vitamin-tech brand with NexTech AR Solutions.


With an open mind and hunger for adventure, Noora’s passion for empowering others with the skills to live their best and healthiest lives lead her to a very non-traditional career path. Instead of working at a clinic or a hospital alongside doctors, nurses, and other health professionals, Noora chose to work at wellness and nutrition-focused startups in Silicon Valley with engineers, designers, and product managers to create innovative tools and products like apps, digital platforms, and at-home test kits to help people improve their overall health a career path she never thought she’d be taking as a dietitian. This, fortunately, led her to her current role as a VP of Product Development at NexTech AR Solutions, an augmented reality (AR) and virtual events solutions company, where she manages and leads her supplement brand, TruLyfe Supplements.


“As VP of Product Development for TruLyfe Supplements, I’m on a mission to change how people view supplements, especially for the younger generation who might not fully understand the benefits. Our goal is to combine scientific research with the wisdom of nature to create quality, delicious and plant-based supplements people look forward to eating every day!” Noora states.


Along with being a one-of-a-kind women-operated supplement brand, TruLyfe consists of natural, non-GMO, vegan/vegetarian, and allergen-free ingredients. Additionally, their line includes four yummy supplement gummy products – Tru-Elderberry +, Tru-C, Tru-Turmeric +, and Tru-Melatonin +. While all formulas support your immunity and protect your body from invaders, each one offers additional benefits, such as collagen production for naturally glowing skin, battling inflammation to assist in post-workout recovery, and relaxation to nurture you into a peaceful slumber.

Far beyond creating delicious and plant-based supplements people look forward to eating every day, TruLyfe has gone the extra mile to ensure their customers know exactly what they are putting into their bodies. Transparency and quality are the pillars that guide every decision TruLyfe makes when thinking about your well-being. Their unique formulas are meant to nourish your body, so you are confident that you are giving it the care it needs.

But they’re not stopping there. TruLyfe uses ‘Genie in a Bottle’ AR hologram technology developed by Nextech AR Solutions to give its customers an exciting and personable experience. With each bottle, Noora and other health experts provide consumers with digestible, easily accessed nutritional information about their supplements. These experiences are delivered through interactive episodes that include 3D objects and visual effects. This can all be triggered by simply scanning the QR code on top of TruLyfe's bottle cap. It’s a smart packaging revolution that’s bridging the gap between science, business, and creative.

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